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¡°Garden Memories Revived¡± Clara Feder Solo Exhibition 4 March ¨C 6 April, 2017

Noeli Gallery
Add:  150 Yueyang Rd. near Yongjia Rd.
(Opening hours 13:00 - 21:00 from Tuesday- Sunday)
Tel: 021- 6431 9442, 131 2085 8588
Artists:Clara Feder
Media: Photography, Installation
Exhibition Title:Garden Memories Revived”

Exhibition Date: 4March –6 April, 2017
Exhibition Type: Solo Exhibition

Parisian artist Clara Feder’s second Solo show“Garden Memories Revived ” in Shanghai, in collaboration with Le Jardin Retrouvé French Perfume Houseis an immersive and synesthetic series of installations where the viewer uses their sight, touch, hearing and olfaction as tools to explore Memory.

Olfaction, as the first and the most archaic sense of all, is an incredible memory opener. It works on a subliminal level, much as art does. Long forgotten memories of our childhood, or evocations of a distant past that we never witnessed, can be triggered by fragrances.
This reflection leads the artist to the making of this multi-sensory artwork, inviting and inspiring the viewer to live an experience, in a space that would provide both protection and wonder, much like a garden itself.
After Clara Feder’s first successful Shanghai’s solo show “Light travelers”, works inspired by the dazzling experience of modern metropolises such as Shanghai in 2014,  these visuals entitled Garden Travelers, are a new body of digital collages which mesh together images of natural and urban environments.
In this new exhibition, Clara Feder has engulfed these hard-edged and sterile environments in wildness and life, alongside with a memory quality. These plants hues contaminate the city with the energy and the will of the natural world.



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