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¡°Joyful Moment¡± Asian Contemporary Artists Group Exhibition 7 January ¨C 26 January, 2017

Noeli Gallery
Add:150 Yueyang Rd. near Yongjia Rd.
(Opening hours 13:00 -21:00 from Tuesday- Sunday)
Tel: 021- 6431 9442, 131 2085 8588
Artists:Cheonyugyeong, Denise Duong, Koinjae, TakeruToyokura
Media: Oil painting, Mixed Medium
Exhibition Title:“Joyful Moment”
Exhibition Date: 7 January, 2017–26 January, 2017
Exhibition Type: Group Exhibition

This winter group show featuring two Korean contemporary artistsCheonyugyeong, Koinjae, one Vietnamese-American artisttDenise Duongand one Japanese artistTakeruToyokura, brings us a warm and joyful holiday atmosphere with their vibrant colour and playful creations in full imaginations.
Vietnamese-American artistDenise Duong has a nomadic soul with a soft spot for nature.She narrates the story featuring in love, family and adventure alongside her travelling around the world. Her artworks convey the message of individual’s pursuit of life and the value of emotions.
Korean artist Cheonyugyeong’s artworks depict the inner emotions from modern people whoare tired of loneliness from daily routines and are longing for new ideas in modern life. While KoInjae creates the ideal world of Utopia where people can get away from the reality. She represents the ‘forest” on the canvas to enable people to relax and heal the emotional hurt surrounded by birds and nature, so that we can be charged and be refreshed to face the difficulties in real life.

Japanese artist TakeruToyokura’s works interpret the world through children’s innocent eyes and views.In some of his pieces, you can also accidentally find some ecological, economic and political issues from the modern society.The artist attempts to remind us to look back and always being awarehow our life goes and how to set up a good example to our next generation.


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