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¡°Fish and Bird¡± Kristin Ng-Yang Solo Exhibition 10 December, 2016 ¨C 5 January, 2017

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Artist: Kristin Ng-Yang
Type: Photography, Drawing, Video, Watercolor, Oil Painting
Exhibition Title: Bird and Fish
Exhibition Date: 10 December, 2016 – 5 January, 2017
Exhibition Type: Solo Exhibition

Chinese artist Kristin Ng-Yang graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1991. She has been living in South Africa over 17 years and now she is completing a practice-led PhD degree at the Center for Visual Art, University of KwaZulu-Natal.

This exhibition covers her latest watercolor, video, photography, drawing and oil painting, which are inspired from a Chinese song in which a bird falls in love with a fish. The suspended fish/birds painted on plexiglass alluding to the ephemeral encounter and the impossibility in life.

As a migrant artist, her Chinese identity with different philosophy and culture also challenges her for being an artist in South-Africa. Kristin’s works reflect on life's journey into inevitable oblivion as well as being confronted with choices which is subject to fate, obliged to accept or to resist, in the process of learning about oneself and others.

Kristin’s video creation contains music and live performance along with Chinese instrument Guzheng and African Djembe drum in collision and fusion that is both strange and yet familiar. This combination conveys a strong sense of unworldliness and meditation in sounds that shift between the realms and vibrations of both birds and fish.


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