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¡°Neutral Sex¡± Wang Xuejun Solo Exhibition 22 October ¨C 10 November, 2016

Noeli Gallery

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Artists: Wang Xuejun
Media: Photography
Exhibition Title:  Neutral Sex
Exhibition Date:  22 October - 10 November, 2016
Exhibition Type: Solo Exhibition


Noeli Gallery  presents artist Wang Xuejun’ s first photography solo exhibition with his latest series of ‘Neutral Sex’ .This series continue to explore the diversity of gender and his close attention to the social behaviours and roles of certain group in today’s society.
Artist projects some typical feminine symbols such as jewelry and lace lingerie onto a male body to create an unique visual image of ‘Neutral Sex’.  These new images of Neutral Sex challenge our traditional perception and value to define a female and a male’s position and their invisible emotions, strengths and weakness.
Wang Xuejun gives a new perspective on the recognition and definition of female and male, attempting to free our behaviour, thoughts and emtions beyond our biological gender.



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