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2016-9-10 ¡°Fairy Tales and Poems¡± Yan Xiaoqian Solo Exhibition 10 September ¨C 13 October, 2016

Noeli Gallery

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Artists: Yan Xiaoqian
Media: Oil painting
Exhibition Title: Fairy Tales and Poems
Exhibition Date: 10 September-13 October £¬ 2016
Exhibition Type: Solo Exhibition

Inspired by European fairy tales, artist Yan Xiaoqian’s latest solo exhibition merges European fairy tales with Chinese classical poems by quoting the classic fairy tales to represent the similar plots and circumstances from Chinese classical poems in a very strong sense of oriental pictures. The overall tones of her artworks convey oriental poetry and vivid, however the atmosphere of Xiaoqian’s art is sentimental yet not sad.

Xiaoqian believes fairy tales offer us the greatest fantasy and the ideal world, while Chinese poems tend to show the reality from the fairy tales. In Xiaoqian’s paintings, you can find the most beautiful and poetic scenes with strong imagination and affection, she is determined to devote all her life to creating her own fairy tales and poems in art.



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