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¡°Local Impression¡± Group Exhibition 19 July ¨C 8 September, 2016

Noeli Gallery

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Artists: Stéfanie Vallée, LV Zhe, Changlong
Media: Oil painting, Mixed Medium, Water Colour
Exhibition Title: Local Impression
Exhibition Date: 19 July, – 8 September£¬ 2016
Exhibition Type: Group Exhibition

A group exhibition featuring Canadian Quebecois artist Stéfanie Vallée , Chinese artists LV Zhe and Changlong’s artworks. Three artists express their global or local view as well as their artistic impression of China’s main cities where they live from different aspects.

As a national champion winner, the former Quebecois Kayakist Stéfanie Vallée started as a professional artist in 2004. She is seeking a free flow of pigments, taking risks while she paints without using a brush. Water mix media and Chinese ink are depicting colorful, or black and white, harmonious shades of tones that set a bright light halo into each of her artworks. Stéfanie’s artworks reveal one becomes a global being, zen, neutral state of mind, is able to reconnect locally seeing the new beauty and shapes of the landscape.

Young Chinese artist LV Zhe uses straight lines and clear squares to depict the trends of modern architecture rising in China’s major cities during the process of  reconstruction and transformation. LV Zhe’s paintings also show the impact on the interpersonal relationship from the changes of our living space nowadays.

Artist Changlong’s “Monitor Series” convey his impression of increasing the security and cracking down the crimes or any illegal events by using CCTV Monitors across China’s major cities. However, the danger behind the Monitors is always unpredictable around us. Artist believes the ones who monitor others are probably being monitored at the same point.


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