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"Summer Palette” Group Exhibition 18 June – 18 July, 2016

Noeli Gallery

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Artists: Maud Boesen, Li Li, Kim Yongwon
Media: Oil painting, Mixed Medium, Water Colour, Fiberglass
Exhibition Title: Summer Palette
Exhibition Date: 18 June, – 18 July£¬ 2016
Exhibition Type: Group Exhibition


In this summer group show, Danish artist Maud Boesen, Chinese artist Li Li and Korean artist Kim will bring us a number of colourful artworks from their latest collections. Their artworks represent different personal emotions, life experience as well as the new concept of recreation of the traditional heritage.

Danish artist Maud Boesen is keen on strong tones to create contrast between cold and warm colours to express her personal emotions on her abstract paintings. The determined and sharp lines merged with vibrant colours become a powerful reflection of artist¡¯s personality and her life experience.

With the successful signature of cartoonish image of ¡°Li Li¡¯s girl¡±, Chinese artist Li Li brings us a vivid version of modern women in their different characters, moods and styles in normal day-to-day life. ¡°Li Li¡¯s girl¡± portrays the artist actual growing-up in real life.

Korean emerging contemporary artist Kim Yongwon¡¯s LED artworks deconstruct the traditional landscape paintings by using lace as a material to create scenic mountains through various colour of LED lighting.

Kim Yongwon¡¯s new concept of artworks challenge the traditional utopia concept of Korean landscape paintings. She uses modern technology to expose mountains inner emotions and characters through different weather, seasons and natural light.

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