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¡°Story on Silk¡± Wang Qian Solo Exhibition 22 May ¨C 10 June, 2016

Noeli Gallery

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Artist: Wang Qian
Type: Mixed Medium
Exhibition Title:  Story on Silk
Exhibition Date: 22 May - 17 June, 2016
Exhibition Type: Solo Exhibition

Graduated with a Master Degree in Fine Arts from Arts School of Ren Min University of China, young emerging artist Wang Qian creates her own story on silk by deconstructing and reconstructing traditional Chinese paintings through her perceptions of modern western fine arts as well as her understanding towards Chinese culture.

Being a unique refined fabric, Silk has been regarded as an important part of Chinese traditional culture and art, it often relates to the social classes and wealth. Wang Qian represents her new images on this semi transparent, soft, delicate but tenacious fabric by using water colour through different lights and shadows to create various shapes and depths in visual.

Her series of “Need Lights” was inspired by her visual experience of X-ray in the childhood. Artist tried paper cutting to deconstruct and overlap images on the top of the light to create perspectives. This series aim to expose the invisible under-covered truth, emotions and relationships in our real life nowadays.

Wang Qian, as a female artist from China’s new generation, conveys her own perceptions of Chinese culture as well as the new values arising from today’s society in modern China.



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