Press Release

“Landscape Sightseeing” Kim Yongwon Solo Exhibition 9 April –5 May, 2016

Noeli Gallery
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Artist: Kim Yongwon

Type: Mixed Medium

Exhibition Title: Landscape Sightseeing

Exhibition Date: 9 April – 5 May, 2016

Exhibition Type: Solo Exhibition

Korean emerging contemporary artist Kim Yongwon’s LED artworks deconstruct the lace patterns that is woven into lingerie and fuses them onto a backdrop of a scenic mountain by different lighting with LED. Inspired by the lingerie from its psychological aspect that represents the desire between revealing and hiding, Kim yongwon focuses on the space of the boundary of her landscape artworks between exposing and hiding. Mountains adjust their clothing according to the season of nature as well as the changes of natural lighting through artist’s eyes. In Kim’s LED artworks, mountains show various images with different artificial lighting to depict mountains inner emotions: strong and virile, warm and delicate, mysterious and gloomy depending on the seasons and natural light.

Kim Yongwon’s artworks challenge the traditional utopia concept of Korean landscape paintings by using the modern technology to expose one’s inner emotions and characters consciously or unconsciously from a feminine point of view.