Press Release

"The Digital World" Group Exhibition 24 February-30 March, 2016

Noeli Gallery

Add:150 Yueyang Rd. near Yongjia Rd.
(Opening hours 13:00 - 21:00 from Tuesday- Sunday)
Tel: 021- 6431 9442, 131 2085 8588
Artists: Sebastien, LLND, Wang Xuejun
Media: Oil painting, Mixed medium on paper, Photography, LED installation
Exhibition Title: The Digital World
Exhibition Date: 24 Jan, – 30 March£¨ 2016
Exhibition Type: Group Exhibition


A group exhibition featuring two French artists: Sebastien Osswald & *LLND, and one Chinese artist: Wang Xuejun.  Sebastien and Wang Xuejun both observe the dramatic changes of social behavior and phenomenon from the new digital world where we live now. Like other contemporary artists, social networks and web information are becoming a source of their inspirations. Their artworks questioned us about contemporary issues including globalization, new media, traditional values and virtual relationship that can arouse between individuals nowadays.
Different from Sebastien and Wang Xuejun’s woks, French Duo Artists *LLND, Laurent Lettrée and Nathalie Delpech’s works reveal more of the artistic aspect and beauty from the nature and the invisible natural energy around us through various new media.  They enjoy the benefits of the digital revolution, it enables them to develop multi-media and innovative concepts in creating audio and visual instruments as well as visual artworks. Their artworks are covering featuring mixed media paintings, photography of sound waves as well as LED pieces. Their artworks convey the objective messages, based on the visual facts rather than the sociability of the art to the viewers.



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