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¡°Spirit of Bamboo¡± Wendy Clayton-Kindl Solo Exhibition 14 November ¨C10 December, 2015

Noeli Gallery

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(Opening hours 13:00 - 21:00 from Tuesday- Sunday)
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Artist: Wendy Clayton-Kindl

Type: Mixed Medium
Exhibition Title: Spirit of Bamboo

Exhibition Date: 14 November – 10 December, 2015

Exhibition Type: Solo Exhibition

Born in Sydney, Australian artist Wendy Clayton-Kindl found her new inspiration from Chinese bamboos after her life experience in Syria, Austria and Kuwait.
Wendy is going to showcase her latest collection “Spirit of Bamboo” in her first solo exhibition in Shanghai. She uses various medium and pictorial languages both on canvas and on paper to pay her homage to the true spirit of bamboo.

This exhibition leads the observer to draw power from the bamboo you are seeing. Feel the bamboo’s strength and rise tall, be tenacious but have integrity, marvel in its simplicity yet elegant structure, and, like bamboo, have a hollow heart but not to be empty instead to be open to the good and beneficial things that come your way.



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