Press Release

¡°local·global·transformation¡±St¨¦fanie Vall¨¦e Solo Exhibition Exhibition Date: 17 October¨C 12 November, 2015

In a naïve desire to explore the world, to discover what is out there beyond the local realm, Canadian Quebecois artist Stefanie Vallee believes humans are undergoing an inner-transformational process. Being a former whitewater kayakist in the Canadian National Team, Stefanie Vallee achieved several awards as 10 times Canadian Champion and ranked 4th in the World in 2012. Stefanie started as a professional artist in 2004, she brings us her latest artworks in this solo show titled ¡°local·global·transformation¡±.

Stefanie¡¯s artworks are both figurative and semi-figurative, inspired by Shanghai and other main cities in China, as well as daily life. Also, some are expressing a global view of the continents over which copper butterflies are flying under light installation. The artist is seeking a free flow of pigments, taking risks while she paints without using a brush. Water mix media and Chinese ink are depicting colorful, or black and white, harmonious shades of tones that set a bright light halo into each of her artworks.

This exhibition reveals one becomes a global being, zen, neutral state of mind, able to reconnect locally seeing the new beauty and shapes of the landscape. What is seen out there is reflect of what has been found within: light treasure shines through the heart and travels like butterflies.


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