Press Release

¡°Gravity¡± *LLND Solo Exhibition May16 - June 11, 2015

LLND, French duo artists Laurent Lettr¨¦e and Nathalie Delpech have been developing multi-media and innovative concepts in creating audio and visual instruments as well as visual artworks. They build a visual world consisting of vibration, sound, objects and Light. This exhibition will showcase their latest series of ¡°Gravity¡±, featuring mixed media paintings, photography of sound waves in water as well as resonating sand installation. These twirling artworks investigate the invisibles and display the captured moments of Energy. As a result, the visuals become audible and the energy is visualized.. This exhibition leads us to the weightless and timeless experience, where one can see the invisible natural energies hint at an underlying organization of the objects that surround us.




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