Press Release

“Idols and Fans”Sebastien Osswald Solo Exhibition
Exhibition Date: 15 November – 11 December, 2014

Awarded 2 master degrees both in Illustration and Contemporary Art, French artist Sebastien Osswald will exhibit the latest works in his first solo exhibition in Shanghai.

Sebastien creates his paintings on plaid fabric instead of canvas. He challenges himself to find the best pictorial language which fits in each piece of cloth with its own constraint. His latest works from “Idols and Fans” speak out the phenomenon we often see nowadays in the modern world. We can find either celebrities or anonymous people in Sebastien’s works. All of them exist in real life and show themselves on the internet. Like other contemporary artists, social networks, web magazine are becoming a major source of inspiration, such as images of stars and idols that none of us can escape.

Sebastien takes us into a strange and sensitive world. His works question us about contemporary issues including globalization, new media and virtual relationship that can arouse between individuals. His works also reflect our period when everything goes so fast and when we don’t have much spare time, but the process of his art creation takes a long time to complete, as it requires time to contemplate and understand the balance between abstraction and representation between colours and patterns, between handicraft and digital technology. The pixels we first see in Sebastien’s works do not really exist, as they are only paintings we are looking at. Sebastian makes us be conscious of today’s digital world where we live.