Press Release

¡°Light Travelers¡± Clara Feder Solo Exhibition

¡°Light Travelers¡± Clara Feder Solo Exhibition French artist Clara Feder is a multi-media artist, a writer as well as a film maker, who studied in the film school at New York University and Paris 8 University.  Her works have been exhibited in Paris, London and New York.

She explores the underlying fragility of human beings confronted to society. Whether by staging and photographing her lost characters in infinite landscapes, or by confronting real people to one of our deepest fragilities, Temptations, Clara Feder's redemptive questioning mirrors universal concerns and fears.

Her first Shanghai photography solo exhibition “Light Travelers”  mirrors the special and universal moment when you realize you're all alone, lost in fact, and yet, whatever happens, you're going to go forward.

The “Light Travelers” were born in Shanghai. They are sons and daughters of the artist’s fascination for China. They belong to the city lights and the immensity of Chinese mega-cities. They also convey the feeling of loneliness and strangeness one might have when living in such cities, wherever they are, metaphoric of our lives in general in our information saturated, cold, orwellian world.

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