Press Release

¡°Mind and Nature¡± Li Zesong Solo Exhibition 29 Mar - 25 Apr 2014

Born in the 80s, Yun Nan contemporary artist Li Zesong shows his “White and Black Series” in his first solo exhibition in Shanghai. He has been living in Dali Yunnan since a very young age and his works are inspired by the rich culture as well as magnificent nature of Dali. He attempts to find an approach to distinguish his works from the trend of arts globalization. He uses simple and classic colours of black, white and grey to compose his contemporary paintings in the pattern of “traditional Chinese ink painting”. In his paintings, the contrast between large landscapes and tiny human figures, symbolizes human’s loneliness, fragility and helplessness in real life. However, Li Zesong believes our emotions and spirits are infinite as the nature. You can feel sense of humour, the tranquility and the co-existence between human and nature in Li Zesong’s art world.



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