Born in Yantai, Shandong Province.
Studied in Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1998.
Currently resides in Beijing.


2014   “Eve’s World” Solo Exhibition, Noeli Gallery, Shanghai
2013   “Songs of Life” Solo Exhibition, Noeli Gallery, Shanghai
2013   Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hongkong
2011   "Life on the Stage" Solo Exhibition, Noeli Gallery, Shanghai
2010   The 3rd Asia Art Collection Fair, China World Exhibition Hall, Beijing
2010   Saint Land Art Exhibition, Wansheng Museum, Beijing
2008   “The Female Art in Songzhuang”, Songzhuang Museum, Beijing
2008   “Doll Times”, June Gallery, HK
2008   “Woman and Dog”, Oil Painting Exhibition, Pebeo Space, Beijing
2007   Chinese collection Cultural Fair, International Trade Center, Beijing
2007   “Untitled”, Invited by Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition, Hongwan International Art Center, Beijing
2007   “Live in Songzhuang”, Songzhuang Art collection Exhibition, Songzhuang Museum, Beijing
2007   “Oil Painting in Songzhuang”, Group Exhibition, Rebueno Gallery, Beijing
2007   “Fusion· Digestion” Invited by Contemporary Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition Space Gallery, Beijing
2007   Contemporary Female Artists Group Exhibition, Shangshang Museum, Beijing
2007   Invited by Contemporary Artists Exhibition, The China Millenium Monument, Beijing
2006   The 1st Contemporary Fine Art Exhibition, Time Museum, Beijing
2006   “Wild Girls” Chinese and Foreign Female Artists Group Exhibition, NY Arts Space, Beijing
2006   “Fate· Circle” Chinese and Foreign Artists Group Exhibition, Freedom Space Gallery, Beijing
2006   “Gorgeous” Contemporary Chinese Female Artists Group Exhibition, Female Artist Space, Beijing

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