Lips Constellation Mixed Media on Canvas 150x150cm 2015 Gravity Series-Pisces Constellation-布面综合材质-Mixed Media on Canvas-150x150cm-2014 跳跃的超音波浮雕(范围123-2738赫兹) 110 x 110cm 2015 Moon Eclips Calendar Saros-Engraving and LED Lights 99x99cm 2014
Fq-656赫兹 60x60cm 2015 轨道和声Fq656赫兹 35x35cm 2015 Wind Roses GridLED -Engraving acrylic and multicolor LED 35x35cm 2013 Gravity Series-Space Doors--Acrylic on Canvas- 100x100cm-2014
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