*LLND, French Duo Artistis Laurent Lettrée and Nathalie Delpech are based in Shanghai.
With the passion of sound and moving image, a number of fusion artworks were born.
Building various universes by settling in the resonance time, light and sound as the major  elements are always the core of *LLND’s artworks.

Since 2003, *LLND has been creating innovative art concepts, multiple participatory audio-visual instruments and Interactive Installations.

-Nathalie Delpeche graduated from ENSAD Paris, majoring in “Arts Decoratifs” in cinema section including video, animation with a degree in special effects and post production.
Impassioned of literature, history,sciences..., she gives life to inanimate objects and looks for links between the world...

- Laurent Lettrée is a composer and self-taught electronic machinery builder. He explores the connections between the sound and its multiple frequencies as well as their rhythmic variations. Since 1994 , *LLND has been making Electronic Music and he started programming with Max MSP in 2003. He used to live and perform for 7 years in the United States.

Selected Exhibitions:

2016     “The Digital World” Group Exhibition, Noeli Gallery, China
2015      French Artists Group Exhibition, Noeli Gallery, China
2015     “Gravity” Solo Exhibition, Noeli Gallery, Shanghai, China
2014     “Time Resonance”, La Maison de Chopard, Xintiandi, Shanghai
2013      “432 Hz”, Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai,
2013      “Kimapse”, Studio Rouge Gallery, Hongkong,
2012      “Brain Waves, Wind Roses” at SH Contemporary Fair, presented by La Galerie Italienne
2012-2011   “Speaker Mouths” Paris Illuminations
2011      “PEH” Gallery input-output, Hongkong,
2011      “Time Compression – serie portraits” Hong Merchant Gallery, Shanghai
2010      “Generation Pixel”, Dexter Gallery, Paris,
2008      “Treeble Septuor”, Next Art Fair, presented by Walsh Gallery, Chicago
2006      “Kit Art”, Anne Lettree Gallery, Paris
2005      “Kwa Bawon”, Venice Biennale with Maxence Denis
2004      “Project 303, third life”, Shanghai Biennale Opening

Selected Collaboration Projects:

2014       Diesel            2011     Perriet-Jouet
2011       Daning Life Hub       2010     Shuion Sh,
2011       Maybelline Loreal       2007     Maison Blanche
2010/2014    French Embassy        2001     Pierre Cardin Castel Opening
2003       Audi                      


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