Eduardo Vera Lastra

Eduardo Vera Lastra


Second Solo Exhibition at Promo-Arte Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Solo Exhibition at Art Gallery PROMO-ARTE Tokyo, Japan
Private Exhibition at Itata Wines Conception, Chile
Group Exhibition of Vietnamese and Chilean Artists at the Exhibition Hall of Ho Chi Minh University of Fine Arts in Vietnam

Won the third prize of Creativity at the 4th Contest Art Gallery of ART EXPRESION, Spain
Solo Exhibition at Sheraton Saigon Hotel during weeks of Chile in Asia. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Solo Exhibition at Shangri-La Hotel during the "Weeks of Chile in Asia" in Shanghai, China
Solo Exhibition at Shilla Hotel in Seoul, South Korea, invited as the only visual artist of "Weeks of Chile in Asia "

Solo Exhibition at Gallery Julio Cortazar, Blu House in Prague, Czech Republic
Solo Exhibition "Vibrato" at Pablo Neruda of Chile's National Congress in Valparaiso, Chile

Selected works of oil paintings at Rubén Busetto Gallery in Miami,United States
Solo Exhibition at Gallery Bohnenkamp & Revale in Buenos Aires
Solo exhibition at Visual Art Gallery XXI. At Ca?itas in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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