Takeru Toyokura

Takeru Toyokura

Takeru is a Japanese artist and illustrator based in Osaka. He graduated from Osaka-Sogo Design College. After graduate, he started to work as a professional artist. He makes his art by felt and paper.
Now he is working as an illustrator and artist for various magazines, books and advertising. He has been selected for many competitions and he also has done many exhibitions around the world.

Solo Exhibitions:
2016   Untitled / Gallery Aile, Seoul.
2015   Children wonder / Gallery Aile, Seoul.
2013   The footprint should disappear / Gallery Ondo, Osaka.
2012   Cell of children / Oto Gallery, Osaka.
2010   Machine of Children / Gallery Sang, Osaka.
2008   Children Thief / OPA Gallery, Tokyo.
2008   Clay Children / La Galerie, Osaka
2007   Sandwich Children 2 / Digmeout Art & Diner, Osaka
2007   Parking Children /Art House, Osaka
2007   Sandwich Children / Platform Gallery, Tokyo
2006   Re: children for sale / HB gallery, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2016   Daegu Art Fair represented by Gallery Aile/ Exco, Daegu, Korea
2016   Art Busan represented by Gallery Aile/ Exco, Daegu, Korea
2015   Daegu Art Fair represented by Gallery Aile/ Exco, Daegu, Korea
2012   Art Osaka / Granvia Hotel, Osaka
2011   Pick me up / Somerset House, London
2010   Art Stream / Suntory Museum
2010   Young Art Taipei / Sunworld Dynasty, Taipei
2010   Nariyukicircus 2nd Exhibition / Kamata Gallery, Osaka
2009   Nariyukicircus 1st Exhibition / Pater’s Gallery, Tokyo
2009   1st 1_wall / Guardian Garden, Tokyo
2009   Nakanojyo Biennale / 3rd Elementary School, Gunma
2009   Existing thing Vo.3 / OPA gallery, Tokyo
2008   Illustrative / Messehallen Zurich
2007   The 28th Hitotsubo / Guardian Garden, Tokyo
2006   When I left time when I returned, it is different / Niji Gallery, Tokyo
2005   Digmeout Exhibition / Blacklab Gallery / Australia
2005   Return of digmeout / Compound Gallery / Portland
2005   Kakeru / Itohen, Osaka
2004   Funky802 Street Art Exhibition #9 / Sony Tower, Osaka
2005   Re: Verse Exhibition #2 / 10W Gallery, Osaka
2003   Re: Verse Exhibition / White Cube, Kyoto


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