Kim Eunjin

Kim Eunjin

New York Institute of Technology, Communicatation Arts, NewYork, USA
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Oriental Painting, Ehwa University, Seoul, Korea

Remaining Time

"It is beautiful and sad at the same time to see people who desperately juggle with their lives, as circus performers do. Even though they don't know where the rope comes from, it is sad, yet romantic to see their grit to keep holding onto the rope to survive. "
— Kim Eunjin

"Remaining Time" Series indicates the ‘death’ in our lives. Artist Kim Eunjin tenaciously seeks to know about death and she attempts to find, to imagine, and to express in her pieces. In this Remaining Time series, there are blood, skin as well the mix of flesh. It describes entangled relationship between life and death by obsession in her subconscious mind. The artist strongly wants to deliver the message of “fear”, “desire” and “subconscious space” on her canvas.

The most reason drives Kim Eunjin to start focusing on the ‘death’ is due to her mother’s death. When her mother died from cancer, she didn’t know how to live her independent life. Thus, Kim started to wonder about the life of the living human being and about curiosity of life and death. Her works are mostly based on the fear of death, anxiety about the future and remaining of time. Furthermore, from most of her pieces, the black plastic bags symbolize important object in her art world. The color of black reminds the memory of her mother and the first trauma of death.

Kim Eunjin’s artwork stirs our sensation. She wants the viewer to feel the deep sensation such as sight, smell, tactile, auditory and through the question of ‘what is the real life towards the viewer.’ As we exist at this moment, we can experience the life and the death at the same time through Kim Eunjin’s artwork.
— Ban E-Jeong (art critic)


Solo Exhibition

2015 Remaining Time / Kumho Museum, Seoul, Korea
2011 Right There / Hyundai 16th, Seoul, Korea
2009 sanctity / Cais Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2006 Bad Icon / Ilmin Museum, Korea
2003 Healing / Insa Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1998 Healing Boda Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Art Fair, Group Exhibition

2016 Group Exhibition / Sungkok Museum
2011 Discover of Korean Art / Sungnam Art Center, Korea
Pink City project / Jaipuru, India
2008 Min Tracker / Songjang Museum, Beijing, China
Art Life Project / Seoul Art Center, Kyungkido, Korea
Over the Forrest Triple Exhibition / Gallery Bow, Wolsan, Korea
2007 Moran / Daejun national Museum, daejun, Korea
2006 Honsungpungjeon / Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea
Chadomurder system / Cais Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Free Women Beinnale / Inchoen, Korea
2004 Still Life / Ilmin Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
Something Unfamilar / Gallery Lamer, Seoul, Korea
2003 Art Therapy / Sungok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
Human and Doll / Total Art Museum, Seoul, Korea


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